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Arm Candy: How to Layer your Watch

I  read an article in this month’s Glamour Magazine that had me drooling. “Presenting Arm Candy!” It wasn’t the colorful watches they were showing that got me excited, it was the technique of layering your watch with a fun variety of bracelets. How have I NOT been doing this already?! I typically would layer bracelets on the opposite wrist, but I love how they were literally layering the bracelets right up with the watch. Thus creating a bold arm candy effect.

Photo Credit: “Glamour” Magazine, April 2012 pg. 94
Photo Credit: “Glamour” Magazine, April 2012 pg. 94

So naturally I had to attempt this myself, and I wanted to see if I could pull it off with some bracelets I already had. I found that mixing stretchy, “softer” bracelets with some harder bangles gave a fun look. Also, I tried styling with my everyday Michael Kors metal band watch, and a more fun, casual soft band watch. Check it out!


If you layer with bracelets that are a more “refined,” I think you can pull off an interesting look for work. But I was a little nervous of potential scratches when layering with my metal watch, so I opted for softer, leather bracelets. I specifically got these at the clothing store H&M, and I’m mixing 4 separate, double stranded leather bracelets here. I think it’s actually kind of a nice contrast, mixing the dressier watch with casual jewelry.


I think this is my favorite and a little closer to how Glamour styled theirs in the pictures above. This watch gave me a fun base to start with, and I like the pop of color the band gives. Then I layered 3 stretchy jewel bracelets and a few thin, bright teal bangles to complete this look. The pops of color and variety of textures together give it a funky, bold look. Much more of a style statement rather than wearing the watch by itself!

Don’t have a fun watch to work with? No problem! I’ve got you covered. 🙂

Slap Slap Watch in Orange – $17.99

Dooney & Bourke Medium Mariner Watch (Black/Tan/Orange) – $145

Nine West Small Buckle Watch (Cognac/Gold/Cream) – $49

Timex Chic Pink Metallic Leather Strap Watch – $47.95

Will you try layering your watch with bracelets? Let me know which style option above you like best!

Mascara Tutorial: How to Fake False Eyelashes with your Real Lashes

Bold, beautiful eyelashes. Every girl wants them, and for good reason. Let’s just say if I HAD to pick only one item of makeup to put on for the rest of my life (scary!), my choice would be mascara. Unless you already have naturally dark, thick, long lashes, it makes the world of difference. See for yourself!

Because I wore stage makeup through my dance team days, I especially LOVE the look of fake eyelashes. I’ve also seen people with eyelash extensions, which are costly but look awesome for a few weeks. Still, they’re harder to maintain, can be really expensive, and you have to worry about them coming off or irritating your eyes. I personally only like to wear fake eyelashes for very special occasions. But as you can see in the picture above, I’ve found a way to achieve the look with my natural lashes!

For this more manageable everyday “fake eyelash” look, checkout the Style Trials video on how to fake the false eyelash look with your real lashes.  I cover my favorite mascara, and the tricks of applying it.

 As I mention in the video, although I’ve tried a lot of different mascaras, Maybelline’s Falsies is the one that I’m always buying more of. I love that you can keep layering the techniques I showed as much as you want to, which builds up the volume and length of the natural lashes even more (thus amplifying the false eyelash look). With this “building” technique, I suggest letting the lashes dry or at least get tacky in between coats. But even if you need to do one quick coat and run out the door, it’s still more effective than other mascaras I’ve tried.

Maybelline Falsies Volum Express Mascara – $6.99

Volume Express The Falsies Mascara

So couple of questions for you.

1.) Have you tried this mascara before or do you have your own favorite you can suggest?

2.) If you could only put on one item of makeup, what would it be and why?

I love hearing from you. Leave me a comment on this post and let me know! 🙂

Easter worthy Spring Pastel Nails

Springtime is here (yay!), and the pastel trend is taking a rise. I’m not talking about the neutral tones you’ve been seeing for awhile, but specifically pastel colors (think Easter eggs). I actually love that it’s taking a big role in nail polish this year. I especially love the way pastel “pops” off of darker/tan skin with the contrast (because pastels typically have a white base), but I think it definitely works with all skin tones. For example, checkout this pic of my sister and I with our “Easter egg” pastel nails.

 Ok, we’re matching A LOT  in that pic with our Michael Kors watches and Pandora rings. What can I say, we’re definitely sisters! 🙂

Anyways, unfortunately I’m not sure the exact color she is wearing because she got it done at the salon. However, I wanted to share the color I’m wearing and loving!

Meet Revlon’s nail enamel, color Charming 211.

Recognize this? That’s right, I actually used this color in my Ombre Nail Art Tutorial on my thumbs! This shade is a beautiful pastel lavender that isn’t too “purpley,” and it’s actually a lot more vibrant than this picture shows. Very wearable for everyday, and looks great on both fingernails and toenails. I love how quick it dries, that you don’t have to put a million coats on to get the opaque color, and it doesn’t chip. The brush that it comes with is good too, because it doesn’t leave my color streaky and only takes a few quick sweeps to cover the nail. I found this polish for under $6 here at Walgreens Beauty Shop

Now if lavender isn’t really your thing, then no worries. There are a billion other cool pastel colors you can try! Here’s a few examples:

From top left to bottom right: Revlon nail enamel, colors Dreamer, Flirt, Minted, and Blue Lagoon.

That last color, Blue Lagoon, actually looks just like the color Katharine McPhee is wearing here!

Photo credit:

You can actually get any of those Revlon pastel nail polish colors  here for under $6, which I think is a great deal.

I’m definitely going to buy another pastel color, or maybe a few soon. So I’m curious, which of these is your favorite?

Let me know by taking the poll below!

Vote for your favorite Revlon pastel nail color! free polls 

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