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How to do a Brown Smokey Eye – HOT Makeup Look!

If eyes are supposedly  “the window to your soul,” than a smokey eye is definitely the window to a guy’s heart. Not only that, a smokey eye will make you feel smokin’ hot! Check it out!

This makeup trend gives a sexy, smoldering gaze, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stick to traditional colors of dark grays and silvers. For example, have you ever tried a blue, green, or brown smokey eye? Follow my steps to try your own shade variation, or follow my tutorial below exactly for a brown, bronzy look (which is really the latest in the smokey eye world). Please make sure your volume is turned completely up! I’m using a backup camera while my other one is getting fixed (dropped it in the sink, ugh!).


  • MAC Paint Pot – “Painterly”
  • MAC Eyeshadow Highlighter – “Nylon”
  • MAC Eyeshadow Lid Color – “Amber Lights”
  • MAC Eyeshadow Crease – “Swiss Chocolate”
  • MAC Eyeshadow Crease – “Sketch”

I specifically love this brown smokey eye because it’s fresher, can transition from day to night if needed (it’s not as intense but still sultry),  and a lot of Celebs are rocking this look!

Kim Kardashian with a brown smokey eye.

Amber Heard with a brown smokey eye.

So go ahead, give a brown smokey eye a try. You will FALL IN LOVE. Also, make sure to checkout my massive eyelash tutorial, which goes hand-in-hand with any glam look!

Review: Garnier BB Cream, the next big thing in beauty

Can’t tell from this pic that it took me 1 minute to apply a moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock? Well read on Sista!

Here I am, in all of my BB Cream glory.

Have you ever heard of BB Cream? Personally, I hadn’t until I saw Garnier’s new BB Cream being advertised. As you may have seen me tweet a few months back, I was curious as to what this was exactly.

I was also wondering what the “BB” part stood for, so I did a little research. Turns out this is basically a “beauty balm” or “blemish base” for your face, and was originally created to protect the skin after laser treatments while still providing light coverage. These creams are already popular in Asia, but are becoming more widespread because of it’s multi-tasking magic. Basically it’s a hybrid of moisturizer, primer, foundation, AND sunblock in one!

 To be honest, I completely forgot about it until I found a sample today for Garnier’s B.B. Cream in one of my magazines.


So I tested it out. They only have two shades because it’s supposed to be like a “one-shade-fits-most” type of thing. I guess because it’s a sheerer formula than foundation, so it doesn’t have to be exact. Here are the two options, Light/Medium and Medium/Deep:

Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Beauty Balm (B.B.) CreamGarnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector Beauty Balm (B.B.) Cream

For me personally, the Medium/Deep was too dark. I used the Light/Medium, and here’s what I liked and didn’t like:


  • Skin complexion was much more even after use.
  • Seemed to brighten up my face a bit.
  • I LOVE that it’s a hybrid of 4 different products, which saves me time and money!
  • It gave me a light, airbrush effect.
  • I liked the finished texture on my face. It felt soft, smooth, and the rest of my makeup went on top of it flawlessly.
  • Lasted all day!
  • Pretty decent on matching my skin color, although I did have to apply a little bronzer to give my face more color.
  • GREAT price for what it does!


  • The light reflectors in the formula brightens your complexion, so if you have oily spots and don’t use a finishing powder on them (like in my picture), then you may appear shiny in those spots.
  • The cream was a little thicker then I anticipated, so it gave me more coverage than a tinted moisturizer. I guess this could actually be a “pro,” it just wasn’t what I was expecting!
  • I didn’t apply moisturizer beforehand because this is supposed to moisturize. So I eliminated that step but found that my dry patches were a little noticeable when mixed with the cream. I’d suggest still putting a little moisturizer on those areas, or going lighter there on the cream.

In terms of application, I’d suggest still applying it like you would foundation because this is a bit thicker than a tinted moisturizer. Just try to stay even and blend.

I really do like the ease of this cream and loved it even more when I looked up the price. You can get Garnier B.B. Cream for only $12.99! Yes, there’s other more expensive brands of BB Cream, but I thought this was a great price for the all-in-one formula.

Have you tried BB Cream before or are you planning to?

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