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How to get Better Beauty Sleep

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZzzQuil. All opinions are 100% mine.

Everyone’s heard the saying “I gotta get my beauty sleep,” but what exactly does that mean? Well, I did a little digging around and thought I’d share some interesting info.

Not only does getting the proper amount of sleep on a consistent basis make you feel better and is good for your health, but you’ll actually look better too. I’m not just talking about avoiding puffy eyes and dark circles, but your skin actually renews itself during this time. Not only that, but beauty sleep has also been linked to weight control.

Here’s Style Trials tips on how to get the most out of your beauty sleep!

  1. Get yourself on a routine. Try to set your “internal body clock” in a rhythm by going to bed and waking up at a regular time. This calls for weekends too!
  2. Wash your face and get on a skincare routine. This is the time the skin will rebalance and rebuild itself.
  3. Do not take caffeine or drink liquids too close to bedtime. Definite cause of sleeplessness/waking up in the middle of the night.
  4. Don’t workout too close to bedtime. This boosts your adrenaline, sometimes making it more difficult to fall asleep.
  5. Train yourself to be a “back sleeper.” Althought I really, really try and wish I were a back sleeper, I personally sleep on my stomach. This is SO bad as it increases wrinkles, especially on your chest, neck and face. If you absolutely can’t sleep on your back, then invest in a silk or satin pillowcase which will keep your face from twisting and wrinkling. The silky pillowcase will also make your “slept in” hair look fresher in the morning, especially if you have thin/oily hair.
  6. White sheets free from dyes are best, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  7. Try aromatherapy. Lavendar spray on a pillow case can relax and help you sleep.
  8. Invest in a good mattress. You’ll spend a good portion of your life sleeping on it!

No matter if you follow these steps, you may still have occassional nights of sleeplessness. I sometimes do myself, or have situations where I have a super early flight in the morning and have to go to bed much earlier than normal. That’s the worst, when you know you HAVE to fall asleep, but just can’t. Luckily, I found a solution!

I was sent a bottle of the cool new product ZzzQuil I’ve been hearing so much about. It’s from the makers of Vicks NyQuil, but is different because there’s no pain medication. ZzzQuil is literally just for the problem of occasional sleeplessness, and is non-habit forming. I tried out the liquid form because I hate taking pills (although they do offer it in pill form), and the taste wasn’t bad. Just kinda like cough syrup, and it instantly made my belly feel warm…which equals sleep for me! 🙂 I woke up feeling refreshed, so I’d definitely recommend this for adults and children 12+ years old who experience occassional sleeplessness.

If you’d like more info, checkout and “like” ZzzQuil on Facebook. If you try it out, let me know and tweet about your #ZzzQuilNight!

How do you combat sleeplessness? What beauty sleep tips do you have?

P.S. The image below is a hint for an upcoming post!

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