Sexy Matte Red Lips

I used to be a little intimidated by bright lips, maybe because I’ve been a dancer for many years and this was always a part of “stage makeup.” Plus, I’d always prefered playing up the eyes as opposed to lips, and you really should not do both at the same time because you’ll look majorly overdone.

However, I’m sure you’ve noticed that bright colors in fashion and makeup are making a major comeback, along with the classic red lip I was dying to try. This is a great look for holidays, winter season, date nights, and anytime you want to punch up your style with a color statement.

See what I’m talking about?


Ok, so for normal girls wanting to sport this statement look on more of an everyday basis, I wanted to give it a whirl. Here’s some inspiration images I started with:

I really love how neutral the rest of Rachel McAdams’ face is, making the look clean, fresh, and lips center stage!


One big thing I’m seeing and loving is the fact that this red lip is matte (not shiny). I think that gives it a fresher look, is more versatile from day to night (bold + shiny to me isĀ  just a nighttime look), and minimizes getting lipstick on the teeth, hair sticking to the lips, and basically getting it all over everything.

Here’s a tutorial of how I did my perfect sexy matte red lip look:

I actually already had this great REDD lipliner from MAC in my makeup arsenal from my dancer days, and found this awesome matte lipstick from INGLOT (shade #408 – looks much brighter/redder in person).

Last weekend, I wore it out for the first time on a date night with the hubby, and I gotta tell you it makes a girl feel really glamorous. And a bonus I love? Your teeth look extra white! I highly recommend you trying this look. Just make sure to pack a small mirror and lipstick for possible touch ups throughout the night.

Red lips and red wine with the hubs!

Dying to know what you think! Have you tried a sexy red matte lip already or will you try it now?


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