Quest for Nerdy Chic, Trendy Hipster Glasses

I have horrible eyesight and had to get glasses when I was 10 years old. By age 12, I was wearing contacts. I still had glasses as a backup option, and started with these ginormous ones that reminded me something of Ralphie’s from “A Christmas Story.”

Well, eventually I upgraded to new, smaller rectangular wire frames, and those glasses went through a lot! One of the lenses relentlessly kept popping out, and they must of gotten accidentally sat on at least three times. Still, I only wore them occasionally at night when my contacts would dry out, but really needed to give my poor eyes a break. I would fall asleep in my contacts too — not good!

I decided I needed new frames, and started noticing the thicker, all plastic frames were back in style. I wanted something I would actually wear in public that enhanced my look, and I was really digging the nerdy chic/hipster trend. I decided to start my hunt and found my inspiration here…..

Anne Hathaway looking so adorkable in her glasses!

I love how Anne Hathaway’s glasses are over-sized, square, and tortoise colored. I found this AWESOME online optical company called Warby Parker. They specialize in affordable, trendy vintage looking glasses, and I love that all of their frames (complete with lenses that already have scratch-resistant coating) are a flat $95! Much cheaper than going to a boutique optical store even with my insurance. Plus, for every pair they sell, they give a pair to someone in need!

Example of some of the eyeglass styles Warby Parker carries.

What really sets them aside from other online eyeglass companies is their at-home try on feature. You can actually order up to 5 pairs at a time to try on at your home. They’ll ship the frames to you for free, and you ship back for free too. AMAZING. This was great, because I wanted to see exactly how the frames looked in person and fit my face. Checkout this video here which really tells more of their story and how that at-home try on works.

I actually did the at-home try on about 3 times, because there are so many good ones to choose from. As I was in the middle of conquering that quest, somewhere along the way I watched the movie “Our Idiot Brother.” Movie was eh ok, but I ended up falling in love with the glasses Janet Montgomery wears in the movie  (ah, I’m so easily swayed). Here was my new inspiration. I thought it achieved the look I wanted, but in a more delicate way so that it was something I could wear everyday.


 I dug around, and although I’m not entirely sure, I think she’s wearing Ray Bans. Regardless, I found a great new release Ray Ban frame that is at least very similar to Janet’s, and comes in 5 different color combos. Style RB5241 is the style number, and I chose color 5074 which is a dark tortoise with purple trim.

I will  still probably get one of these pairs of Women’s Warby Parker glasses sometime soon. I really do think they’re a great company with great options and benefits, plus I would love to get another fun pair as I’ve been wearing mine a lot!

So my question to you is, what do you think???

Do you own a pair of eyeglasses that you love? Do you think I chose the right frame, or what’s your fav Warby Parker style? Let me know in a comment!

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