Cotton Candy Bunny Tails

A friend of mine made the cutest Easter treats for a party, and I couldn’t resist sharing with you! She said it was super easy to do, and would be a great gift to bring to a party. Best part is, you get to play with cotton candy! Mmmm.

Easter Bunny Cotton Tails

Style Trials Easter Bunny Cotton Tails Cotton Candy

Here’s what you need:

  1. Small – Medium plastic baggies – you could probably use ziplocks or sandwich bags, but I think she found these ones at a dollar store which look better. They don’t close, but you end up sealing them shut with staples anyways. I’d estimate these to be about 5″ wide.
  2. Cotton Candy – buy a few packs of one flavor or variety sold at places like Target, Wal-Mart, and dollar stores.
  3. “Like” The Idea Room on FB for their free Cotton Bunny Tail printable you’ll use to top off each bag! Click on previous downloads and you should see them. While you’re at it, I’d appreciate if you’d “Like” Style Trials on Facebook too. 🙂

From there, it’s super easy! Just take the amount of cotton candy you want, and lightly mold it into a flattened ball shape with your clean (ha, yessss clean) hands. Put it in the bag, fold the top of the bag over two or three times (if it doesn’t zip closed already), then fold the printable over the top of the bag and attach with one staple on each side. Here’s a close-up…

Style Trials Easter Bunny Cotton Tails

Adorable, right?

This is another cute version of a different cotton candy Bunny Tail gift with free printables. This one requires jars, so may be a little more expensive to make.

Easter is only a few days away, so hop to it!

What are you fav Easter DIY projects, treats, or traditions?


Candy Colors, Pastel, and Snakeskin Print

Spring is here, and that means pastels and candy colors are sweetening up the stores! Try mixing candy colors/pastels with a snakeskin print accessory (or piece of clothing) to balance out the sweetness a bit. Limit it to one snakeskin printed item per outfit so you don’t overkill it.

I especially like this look mixed with coral, mint green, pale blues, lavender, or even lace texture! Here’s the Style Trials inspiration board:

Snakeskin, Pastels, and Candy Combos

Astr lace cocktail dress / Metropolis mint dress / Joie sweater / Blue jacket / Rare London sequin bodycon skirt, $51 / Tulle skirt, $26 / American Eagle Outfitters / Pour La Victoire pumps / Rachel Zoe / Blink platform shoes, $76 / Dolce & Gabbana colorful handbag, $1,445 / Clutch / UNEARTHED imitation jewelry / GUESS bracelet / Coach bracelet jewelry / Mint earrings / Tory Burch stud earrings / Essie nail polish, $12 / Mint Green Stripe Short Paper Milkshake Straws | Milkshake Straws |… / Maxi colar ovais candy colors / Essie Camera, $15
You may have noticed me posting on instagram a few key pieces I picked up myself!

style trials mint, coral, snakeskin, and lace

Style Trials Kate Spade Round Black and Coral Sunglasses

Recent shopping and browsing only further backed up how on-trend this look is.
Mint Pastel and Snakeskin Shoes
snakeskin and pastel outfit glamour magazine
(Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine, April 2013 pg 92 “The Month in Outfits”)
Pastel nails of course are still really popular too, and tend to look great on all skin tones.
This style combo is a fresh take for Spring, and especially for upcoming Easter. But remember, you don’t want to look like an Easter egg, so limit yourself to a few key pieces, mix in some neutrals (nude, white, black, and/or metallics), and toughen it up with a print like snakeskin.

Easter worthy Spring Pastel Nails

Springtime is here (yay!), and the pastel trend is taking a rise. I’m not talking about the neutral tones you’ve been seeing for awhile, but specifically pastel colors (think Easter eggs). I actually love that it’s taking a big role in nail polish this year. I especially love the way pastel “pops” off of darker/tan skin with the contrast (because pastels typically have a white base), but I think it definitely works with all skin tones. For example, checkout this pic of my sister and I with our “Easter egg” pastel nails.

 Ok, we’re matching A LOT  in that pic with our Michael Kors watches and Pandora rings. What can I say, we’re definitely sisters! 🙂

Anyways, unfortunately I’m not sure the exact color she is wearing because she got it done at the salon. However, I wanted to share the color I’m wearing and loving!

Meet Revlon’s nail enamel, color Charming 211.

Recognize this? That’s right, I actually used this color in my Ombre Nail Art Tutorial on my thumbs! This shade is a beautiful pastel lavender that isn’t too “purpley,” and it’s actually a lot more vibrant than this picture shows. Very wearable for everyday, and looks great on both fingernails and toenails. I love how quick it dries, that you don’t have to put a million coats on to get the opaque color, and it doesn’t chip. The brush that it comes with is good too, because it doesn’t leave my color streaky and only takes a few quick sweeps to cover the nail. I found this polish for under $6 here at Walgreens Beauty Shop

Now if lavender isn’t really your thing, then no worries. There are a billion other cool pastel colors you can try! Here’s a few examples:

From top left to bottom right: Revlon nail enamel, colors Dreamer, Flirt, Minted, and Blue Lagoon.

That last color, Blue Lagoon, actually looks just like the color Katharine McPhee is wearing here!

Photo credit:

You can actually get any of those Revlon pastel nail polish colors  here for under $6, which I think is a great deal.

I’m definitely going to buy another pastel color, or maybe a few soon. So I’m curious, which of these is your favorite?

Let me know by taking the poll below!

Vote for your favorite Revlon pastel nail color! free polls 

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